BPS Dentures

The Science of Precise, Natural-Looking Smiles

Precision Dentures in Peterborough

While standard, conventional dentures are a good choice for comfort and functionality, patients seeking more accurate and natural-looking restorations should ask about BPS precision dentures. If you have an unusual jaw position and occlusal functions, or sunken-in or reabsorbed oral tissue, you may be a good candidate for precision dentures.

Aesthetics, comfort, fit, and function combine in premium personalized dentures for a natural looking smile.

The Standard in Recreating Natural-Looking, Comfortable Smiles

A personalized BPS denture is made to suit each person’s individual looks and needs using additional measurements of your face and jaw. With sophisticated instrumentation and techniques, all your facial information is recorded to recreate the character of your smile and restore, to the best of our ability, the natural contours of your lips and facial muscles. These additional measurements assure a more precise function in relation to the movements of your jaw.

Your dentures are then handcrafted in our lab to match your age, complexion, and facial features. The outcome is a high-quality denture, providing excellent function, fit, appearance, and most often, a sense of confidence for its owner.

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If you’d like for us to help you recreate a natural-looking, comfortable, and functional smile with BPS Precision Dentures, contact us today.  We’d be happy to answer any question and give you more information.