Immediate Dentures

Restoring Your Smile Promptly With Immediate Dentures

Dentures in Peterborough

Immediate dentures in Peterborough are designed to be placed in your mouth immediately following tooth extraction. Prior to your scheduled tooth extraction, we can take a cast of your mouth and teeth and have your dentures made in our own on-site lab.

Prior to surgery, your dentures will be ready and waiting for you. You won’t have to spend even a single day without a natural-looking smile!

The Many Advantages of Immediate Dentures

Aside from the obvious advantage of never having to go out in public without a full set of teeth, there are many other advantages to immediate dentures.

For one, it is easier to duplicate the accuracy of the form, size, and arrangement of your natural teeth and transfer them to your set of dentures when some teeth still remain in your mouth.

Immediate dentures have post-operative advantages as well. Following the removal of your natural teeth, immediate dentures act as a bandage for your gums and can help reduce bleeding following tooth extraction.

Immediate dentures also allow you to chew better after surgery than you could without teeth during the normal waiting period for conventional dentures.

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