Denture Reline & Repairs

Ensuring Consistently Comfortable Fitting Dentures

Denture Relines and Repairs in Peterborough

Over time, changes occur in the mouth and as a result your dentures may become loose or ill-fitting. To ensure continued comfort, your dentures should be relined or refitted every other year. For this procedure, new material is added to the inside of the denture to offer proper fit and comfort. Most relines and repairs can be done within a day, so you’ll never be without your smile for long.

Restore the Retentive Quality of Your Dentures with Denture Relines

After a new denture has been inserted, the inside of the denture base should conform perfectly to the shape of your gums and roof of your mouth, resulting in a comfortable and close fit. Over time however, your gums underneath the denture will begin to change and you will find that the longer you wear your denture, the looser it will become.

In order to restore the retentive qualities of your denture and to prevent flabby and loose gum tissue, you should have your denture professionally relined at least every two years.

What Happens During a Denture Reline?

A denture realine involves fine-tuning your existing denture to make sure it continues to conform perfectly to the contours of your mouth. ¬†Our denturists will make a new impression of your mouth to amend your existing denture. They’ll make changes to ensure that your denture maintains maximum contact with the tissues in your mouth and continues to fit you perfectly. You’ll be able to try on your denture during a fitting appointment and request any changes or alterations.

Repairing Damaged Dentures

As a denture gets older, it becomes more prone to breakage. This is because over time, the fit of your denture becomes looser and constant rocking due to chewing or flexing causes the plastic to weaken and eventually break. This is why periodic denture relines are so important.

If your denture breaks, please do not try to repair it yourself as you might end up causing even more damage. Please bring in all damaged or broken dentures to our office for professional repair.

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If your dentures don’t feel as comfortable as they once did, or if they need repair, please call McKenzie Denture Clinic and request an appointment for a reline or repair.