About Us

Welcome to McKenzie Denture Clinic in Peterborough

Crafting Functional Dentures for Natural Looking, Healthy Smiles

For 30 years, Peterborough denturists Keith McKenzie, Courtney Bruckert and their team have offered a complete range of denture services directly to the public. Our passion is helping patients smile naturally with comfort and confidence.

Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time

Your smile plays an important part in your quality of life. After all, your teeth affect your ability to chew, enjoy the food you love, look youthful and natural, and feel confident. We think everyone deserves a great set of teeth. Come in and talk to us today – no referrals needed!

Our mission is to help you make the most of your smile by offering comfortable, well-fitting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing oral structures. We’ll educate you on the pros and cons of each possible treatment before deciding on a particular one, and give you the type of care we would like to receive if we were in your shoes.

Can I Control the Appearance of My New Smile?

Designing your smile is an interactive experience – one that combines our technical skill with your personal preferences and desires. Not only will you be helping to design your smile, you will have final approval before the denture is actually fabricated.

The process of designing your dentures may start with an analysis of your natural smile and teeth. Photographs of your natural teeth are helpful in comparing the change that has occurred to your smile over time and is a good starting point to discuss the changes you might like to see.

We will then conduct a series of measurements, taking into account facial attributes that are unique to your mouth. At the try-in appointment, a wax test denture with the teeth you have chosen at the previous appointment is then placed. Now we can critique and change the smile while you wait to get just the right look for you. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do. Your denturist will have helpful suggestions for you and guide you along the way.

Our goal is to design a smile the way you would if you had our skill and knowledge about crafting dentures. Capturing your unique look while making the dentures undeniably realistic is what we always strive for.

McKenzie Denture Clinic in Peterborough a great place to restore or enhance your smile:

  • Dentures Fabricated On-site

All our dentures are fabricated on-site in our own lab, by our own technicians and denturists. Since all our work is done on-site, we’re 100% responsible for the end results. There’s no hassle in fixing dentures or making changes. Just cheerful , rapid and often same-day adjustments!

  • Comfortable, Superior Quality Ivoclar Dentures

All of our dentures are injection molded using the European Invoclar Injection Molding System. This creates superior fitting and virtually distortion free dentures that are breakage resistant and less prone to staining than conventional dentures.

We also use Invoclar Vivodent pearl-effect teeth to create our dentures. These teeth are multilayered like human teeth, so your dentures will appear natural-looking and authentic.

  • Ensuring Patient Satisfaction

A high level of patient communication exists at our office to ensure satisfaction. Before treating your smile, we’ll listen to your ideas and goals. We’ll inform you of the consequences of various treatment choices before beginning any kind of treatment.

Most importantly, we won’t give up until you are 100% satisfied with your new dental prosthetic.

Before we even begin crafting your smile restoration, we will often request a photo of your original smile. This is for design refinement purposes, in an effort to capture your unique smile characteristics and reflect them in your denture set.

Before your restorations are finished, you will come in for a trial to make sure everything looks perfect. Feel free to bring family members or friends to offer opinions and support.

Smiles can be altered many times during the trial appointment to make sure your desired look is achieved.